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                      "Fantastic to work with! This was my first time having tracks professionally mixed/mastered and Scott really helped out a lot. He was extremely patient with us and contributed great ideas to how we wanted sound. And most importantly the final products are amazing! Definitely worth every penny! "    Marcus P.
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                          "CSG Productions is amazing! The service here is top top notch with fantastic skills in post production. When I started to lose interest in a song I was producing and thought about abandoning the project, CSG Productions put a new spark into it and made it come alive again. The final product was awesome!!!!"     Steve S
                         "Fantastic to work with. Helped me find the sound that I was hearing in my head and made me extremely proud of my cd. Very easy to work with and always trying to create the best mix possible. Well worth the time and money, I couldn't have done it without them."   ZG
                         "Great producer! Great quality & great price! As an artist, couldn't ask for anything more."    Brianna
​                              "Job was to mix and master a project under a time pressure. Very easy to work with, project turned out great and met the deadline, will be working with them in the future"   Brian R

​                             "Very versatile guy with an ear for clarity and perfection. I would definitely recommend anyone who is in need of a good mix to contact CSG Productions. Kudos. Thanks."  Zion

                     "Great value for the money, CSG has worked very closely with me on my project to get it right."  Joseph H. 

                        "I had never recorded music before until I met Scott.  He naturally guided me through the process with ease.

He was more than generous with the time he spent on my recording and refused to stop working until I was completely satisfied.

 He is definitely worth more than he charges."   Evan D.