Making Your Music Sound Amazing
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Mixing             $200 per song
Mastering        $  50 per song
We'll take your great recordings and add polish by, using editing, automation, compression, EQ's and effects, so that you have a Professional, well balanced, product that you can present anywhere.  

Ready for ITunes, YouTube, Spotify and more!
Already have a mixed recording that needs that extra bit of polish to make it sound even more amazing?  

Or if we are doing your mix, let us put that last sparkle on it so that it stands out in the crowd!
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Who Are We?

CSGproductions is a dedicated service that was created to help indie artists, like you, get your music out there so that the rest of the world can share in your talent.  We provide Professional Quality, at unbeatable rates.  We are super easy to work with and will provide you with quick turn around and EXCEPTIONAL service.

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We provide EXCELLENT discounts for multiple songs. 3,5,whole album?

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